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Most expatriates are not aware of their tax status with SARS. Whether you are only leaving now or have already left, it is important to know where you stand with SARS, to avoid non-compliancy.

Simone MunsamiSimone Munsami
Tax Diagnostic Specialist

Alex MahundlaAlex Mahundla
Tax Diagnostic Specialist

If you are unsure of your tax status with SARS, we can perform a tax diagnostic on your SARS profile as this will give us an overview of your tax compliance status.

A tax diagnostic can be described as an in-depth audit on your SARS profile where our specialists will evaluate your historic tax status and plot the necessary next steps to ensure compliance.

Most South Africans leaving SA or those who have already left have not updated their SARS details. If SARS issues a letter of demand, they often give taxpayers a specified period to respond with supporting documents or information for that specific year of assessment. If you are not aware of these letters sent, this puts you as the taxpayer at risk of non-compliance.

Some of our services include:

  • Reactivation of your income tax number. Our team of specialists can secure an appointment at the SARS branch to facilitate the process of getting your tax number reactivated with SARS.
  • Updating SARS personal information: Our tax diagnostic specialists can assist with updating your personal details with SARS, e.g., Outdated address or cellphone number. As well as outdated passport numbers.
  • The process of leaving South Africa can be daunting, and the last thing you want to think of when leaving is registering for a personal efiling profile with SARS. Let our team of professionals assist you with your personal efiling registration with SARS, so you don’t have to.

As part of your tax diagnostic, we will also perform a CIPC check, to confirm if you are linked to any companies, that might require you to deregister or rectify any non-compliance.

We have a team of Expatriate Tax Specialist who can offer you a free consultation to discuss your tax planning based on the diagnostic findings. Upon consulting with our Expatriate Tax Specialists, they will then advise on which route to take based on your personal situation.

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