SARS eFiling False Alarm – No Need for a Return to South Africa - Cease Tax Residency

SARS eFiling False Alarm – No Need for a Return to South Africa

We have noted incorrect media coverage around South Africans abroad, which notes that to comply with “new” SARS obligations you need to be physically present in South Africa. It is then implied that this change on SARS eFiling then burdens taxpayers to fly all the way home.

Nicolas Botha

Nicolas Botha
Tax Team Compliance & Processing Manager 

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Whilst this is a lovely excuse to visit home, unfortunately this is not entirely correct. Visiting SARS for a personal interview is most certainly an option to look the taxman in the eye, personally thank SARS for good service and even shake hands that your tax details are correct on the system. However, this is not the only way to get your SARS eFiling up to date.

SARS continually updates its eFiling system to ensure it meets security standards and provides efficient service to taxpayers. The latest update being in respect of additional security measures, applied to the eFiling Security Details which are used for the authorisation of contact information for updating and transferring of eFiling profiles. These changes do not require the well-equipped tax advisor to force their client into a costly flight back to SA.

Navigating the intricacies of tax compliance is daunting in South Africa where your affairs are a bit complex, even more so when managing it from another country. There must, therefore, be a word of warning against false alarms being sounded on eFiling complexities. Highlighting the importance of a modern tax practice who holds specialist expertise on navigating the SARS eFiling changes. This ensures taxpayers are advised fairly and presented with far cheaper and less burdensome options to flying home.

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